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About Practice

queens-gynecology-services-quality-patientQueens Gynecology Services is a family planning and health care service center in New York City. Our medical staff is trained to deal with the functions and diseases specific to women and girls especially those affecting the reproductive system. We provide care and screenings for women who want to get gynecology services or terminate a pregnancy.

At Queens Gynecology Services our dedicated staff speak English and Spanish & are here to help everyone who is in need.

Insurance Plan

Queens Gynecology Services accepts all major insurance plans. For your convenience we work with you and your insurance company so you may receive the maximum benefits allowed by your policy. There is by no means a complete list of insurance providers as there are hundreds of insurers out there. We do accept Medicare, various Medicaid programs, HMO, and private plans.

Payment Alternatives

We offer our patients flexible payment plans. We also accept credit cards or cash payments. For further details, please contact our office.

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